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United Kingdom, Isle of Man, King Williams College

Koster TPO Roofing Membranes were identified as the material of choice, to waterproof over the existing failed asphalt roof covering, on a school building in the Isle of Man.

The existing roof was leaking profusely into the rooms below: there were large cracks and blisters across the surface of the roof, around the roof lights and at the foot of the parapet upstands. A repair schedule was initiated to repair and seal the cracks and blisters prior to the installation of the main waterproofing.

Koster TPO membrane was selected as it remains unaffected by any oils in the covering below and doesn't degrade over the course of its lifetime. The product comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The Koster TPO membrane was both fully adhered using Koster PUR Membrane Adhesive and mechanically fixed, using mechanical fasteners into the substrate: as advised by our wind load calculations.

Koster TPO Roof Membranes Chosen to Repair King Williams College, Isle of Man 
Fields of application
Roof waterproofing with bonded membranes
Roof waterproofing with mechanically fastened membranes
Koster TPO Roof Membranes Used to Repair a School on the Isle of Man  
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