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Slovenia, Kranj, Waterproofing under tiles with BD System

Waterproofing under tiles with BD System, Kranj, Slovenia 
Fields of application
Wet room waterproofing with liquid synthetics
In a new residential building, KÖSTER BD System was used for waterproofing of wet rooms-bathrooms. Where necessary, Köster BD 50 Primer was used. Waterproofing was done with two layers of KÖSTER BD 50. Wall/floor junctions are waterproofed with KÖSTER BD Flex Tape K-120 embedded in the first fresh layer. After preparation and subsequent waterproofing of the substrate, the tiles were applied.  
Product applied
KÖSTER BD 50 Primer
KÖSTER BD 70 Flex Tape K 120
Ješe-M d.o.o. in Matej Kenda s.p. 
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