KÖSTER TPO – Approved as safe for the environment

More and more, modern building materials are expected to minimize their impact on the environment.

This is seen in the following areas:

  • Production; in that more attention is paid to the generation of waste water and energy usage during production

  • Application; in that work safety is emphasized while applying the material

  • Use; in that minimal air and water pollution is caused during the material’s use

  • After-use; in that consideration is given to residual fumes and the recyclability of the material

In each of these respects, the KÖSTER TPO Roofing Membrane is an excellent choice. Not only does it have a low impact on the environment, but it is considered a sustainable product due to its durability and recyclability. That’s why even Greenpeace recommends TPO membranes for roof waterproofing. 

One important issue surrounding the use of building material is the potential release of harmful chemicals into the environment. Unlike other roofing membranes, KÖSTER TPO Membranes are PVC free and do not contain non-molecularly bound plasticizers. As a result, no plasticizers are released into the environment.  

In order to further examine this particular aspect, a unique test, known as the “Fish test” was developed by building consultant, Mr. Wolfgang Ernst. By observing diffusion in water, the test examines whether or not a building material has a harmful effect on health. The results of the fish test have gained considerable attention due to their findings that diverse roofing membranes and liquid materials which contain non-molecularly bound plasticizers have an acute toxic effect on fish. This later presents an impact on waste water (via rainwater on the roofing membrane).

For the testing of KÖSTER TPO Membranes, the BMG Engineering Ltd. was commissioned. As a leading consulting company in environmental technology, the company specializes in chemical and biological investigations in analysis, ecotoxicology and process engineering. BMG Engineering Ltd. is accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025.

The results of the test were as expected – perfect. KÖSTER TPO membranes did not display any harmful effects. The summary of the audit report states, “After 24 hours of incubation, a risk of mortality could not be established in the testing procedure. Other toxic effects such as hyper- or hypoactivity, loss of balance, etc. were also not observed.”

“Based on these observations, no toxic effects on fish are to be expected from the eluates of KÖSTER TPO 2.0-1.05 m.”



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