External basement waterproofing with thermoplastic waterproofing membranes

1 Waterproofing membrane
2 Protection of the waterproofing layer
KÖSTER SD Protection and Drainage Sheet 3-400

KÖSTER Thermoplastic Membranes are applicable for a wide variety of substrates and fields of application. As foundation waterproofing, they excel by their speed of application, durability, instant waterproofing effect, and can be backfilled immediately.

KÖSTER ECB Membranes consist of a mix of thermoplastic ethylene copolymer and a special bitumen, produced in Germany with the highest quality compounds and standards. KÖSTER ECB Membranes conform to DIN EN 13967:2012 and are rated as Type T moisture barriers. They provide high elongation and are highly tear resistant so that even large cracks are bridged securely.

KÖSTER ECB Membranes are free of pvc as well as plasticizers and are age and root resistant. As they can withstand high mechanical influences and stresses, they are the perfect protection for underground structures.

To ensure a watertight installation and long service life, the KÖSTER ECB membrane seams are welded homogeneously with hot air, using a special welding seam dedicated machine. A signal top layer shows any mechanical damage that can be repaired quickly and easily.

Before backfilling the waterproofing is protected from mechanical damage and settling with KÖSTER SD Protection and Drainage Sheet.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines



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