Concrete repair of balconies and terraces

1 Concrete repair
KÖSTER Betomor Multi A
2 Concrete protection
3 Primer
KÖSTER Polysil TG 500
4 Fillet
KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus
5 Waterproofing of wall / floor junctions
KÖSTER BD Flex Tape K 120
KÖSTER Superfleece
6 Waterproofing layer
KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey

Maintenance of concrete, e.g. repair of balconies and terraces normally requires corrosion protection for the reinforcement steel, a bonding agent, repair mortar and a spackle.

KÖSTER Betomor Multi A fulfils all of these requirements in one product. The advantage is that only one product is needed for the renovation. This provides an easier calculation of the required amount and logistics. Concrete repair of building elements can be quickly and easily done with KÖSTER Betomor Multi A.

Maintenance of concrete surfaces is done with KÖSTER C-Coat. KÖSTER C-Coat is a high quality spackle for levelling and smoothing of concrete surfaces. KÖSTER Silicon Paint White is an optimal decorative paint coating for concrete surfaces.

The elastic and crack bridging waterproofing material KÖSTER NB Elastic (Grey or White) is applied as the waterproofing layer on balconies and terraces. The material is resistant to foot traffic or can be covered with tiles. In the wall / floor junction KÖSTER Superfleece is embedded between the two waterproofing layers, and in areas in danger of cracking KÖSTER Glass Fiber Mesh is to be used. Fillets are made with KÖSTER WP Mortar.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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