New packaging at KÖSTER

This year KÖSTER has started operation of a machine for filling liquid products into foil bags in Aurich. This investment is part of a series of measures aimed at improving the quality and environmental compatibility of our packaging.

As major step, we have already implemented the use of plastic bags for cement-based products. A new filling technology enabled us to fill our products into polyethylene bags. Advantages compared to conventional paper bags are the better protection of the products from moisture, the higher strength of the packaging, and the better environmental compatibility since a polyethylene bag is only made from one raw material and therefore can be disposed of or recycled much more easily. The durability of the products also increases with better protection.

Like many other products, KÖSTER’s polyethylene bags are printed in several languages, which significantly increases the flexibility in delivery and simplifies logistics. This leads to simplified operation sequences and falling costs. For our customers, it also means that the products are generally available more quickly.

Some liquid products are already made in foil bags, including KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey (B-component). Instead of in a small bucket, the product is now delivered in two small foil bags in the carton. The film bags are emptied into a mixing container. The carton can be put together and recycled as paper waste.

Since 2016, we have also offered KÖSTER Crisin Cream in 600 ml tubular bags as an alternative to the 310 ml cartridges.

KÖSTER Crisin Creme in tubular bags

As a result, the volume of waste on major construction sites is considerably reduced. The environment is less stressed. The following picture of the empty packaging of Crisin Cream - a tubular bags vs. two cartridges - confirms this statement in a very clear way.

empty packaging of KÖSTER Crisin Cream

In addition, automatic filling in foil bags leads to time and cost advantages during production. In the foil bag, the products are air-tightly packaged and thus better protected against environmental influences such as air and moisture.

Since 2017, KÖSTER 21 and KÖSTER NB 4000 are also delivered in foil bags, with both the powder and liquid components being packaged in a foil bag. Advantages are not only the improved durability but also transport safety and the possibility splitting the material for half-container use since both components are present in split portions.

KÖSTER AMERICAN will also soon begin filling the KÖSTER VAP products in a foil pouch. The pouches are placed in a carton. The cartons are certified as transport-proof and have a UN number. The product has traditionally been delivered in metal buckets, which means that the volume of waste on the construction site is considerably reduced.

Another example of improved packaging is KÖSTER KB-Pox IN in a 1 kg container. The product will soon be delivered in two plastic bottles instead of in a metal combi-package. The product is often used for repairing cracked concrete floors. In the new package, the (smaller) B component can be added to the A component and shaken vigorously for mixing. The bottle is equipped with a tapered outlet nozzle, which can be cut according to the crack width. The product is then placed directly into the crack through the outlet nozzle. A very fast, easy, and safe processing!

application of KÖSTER KB-Pox IN

Better product availability, less environmental impact, longer shelf life, safer and simpler packaging: this is the packaging strategy of the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE.



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